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Consumer Awareness Program - FAQs
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MHBA launched their Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) to more effectively educate potential home buyers. The questions and answers below will hopefully answer any initial questions you have about the program and the efforts that will stem from its creation. read the full press release here.

Does my company have to participate if we are members?
No, you may be a member of MHBA and enjoy all the benefits of being a member without participating in this program. While it is completely voluntary, we are strongly encouraging all manufacturers and builders to support this effort. There may be additional benefits that you will not receive, however that are above and beyond the MHBA membership benefits. This may include a special logo or designation for participating companies, articles or blogs about participating companies, and featured case studies on our website.

What will the funds be used for?
The money will be used for a focused marketing plan that will draw new homebuyers to the website to educate them about the industry. Funds will also be used to develop promotional/collateral materials such as videos and marketing templates for use by MHBA members.

How will funds be collected?
Funds will be remitted to MHBA on a monthly basis and reported as a separate line item on MHBA’s financial statements to better ensure transparency and accountability. MHBA has requested that all manufacturers add $10 for each box or module manufactured after April 1, 2016.

What kind of marketing will take place?
MHBA will develop online and print marketing collateral material to be used by the manufacturers and builders, and may include but not limited to videos, flyers, templates, and case studies. We will also update the website to educate potential modular home buyers.

How does this benefit members?

Members will be able to use the marketing materials developed through this campaign for their own regional marketing efforts. MHBA will also attract thousands of potential new home buyers to modularhousing.com where your company is listed in the directory and under the “member list.” If you are a builder member, you will also receive any requests for quotes that match your service area. Lastly, we expect the entire industry to benefit from a heightened awareness and positive message we deliver about modular homes.

Will company information be shared?
MHBA will not share any information individual company information collected each month. We will however, aggregate all the data and share that industry information with members.
Started on February 19, 2016 by Kellie McDonnell
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Additional Comments:
We have officially launched our Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) as of April 1st! We have reached out to all of our manufacturers for their support on this initiative. So far, the following MHBA manufacturer members are on board: Apex Homes, Excel, Manorwood, Muncy Homes, New Era Building Systems, Pennwest, Premier Builders, Ritz Craft, Simplex, Superior Builders, and Westchester Modular Homes. We are waiting to hear back from several others.

Additionally, several builders have shown their willingness to support this effort including: Express Modular, Finishwerks, Mariner Homes, and Zarilli Homes.

MHBA has started working with a PR firm to help craft and develop our message and campaign theme. This campaign will influence our website redesign and collateral marketing materials.

The campaign itself will run for a six month "pilot period" and be reassessed at our annual meeting in October. If you want more information or want to have your company listed as a participating member, email tom@modularhousing.com.
Updated on April 7, 2016 by Tom Hardiman

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