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This article examines the laws and regulations governing the transportation of modular homes within the State of South Carolina and is available for use solely as a resource. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this article, use of the information contained on this page constitutes agreement and understanding that the Modular Building Systems Association (MBSA) is in no way responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information contained herein and that the MBSA is not responsible for any situations that arise from reliance on the within information. This includes errors, omissions or changes to any law or regulation that are not reflected in this document.

Detailed advice and assistance with transportation issues pertaining to the transportation of modular homes is available to members of the MBSA as part of their membership. If you require advice or consultation on the transportation of modular homes, please join the MBSA.


Legal Limits:

  • Combination Length: Generally no overall length limitation for combinations except where specifically stated (See below)
  • Mobile Home Length: No Regulation
  • Width: 8 Feet 6 Inches
  • Height: 13 Feet 6 Inches


No trailer or semitrailer may be operated in a truck-trailer combination in excess of 53 feet.
Trailers and semitrailers used within combination may not exceed a length of 53 feet.

Permit Limits:

  • Combination Length: 95 Feet
  • Mobile Home Length: 80 Feet (incl. hitch)
  • Width: 16 Feet
  • Height: (14' 6" practical) 16 Feet

* but ONLY 13' 6" maximum on I-85 & I-26

* NOTE: The maximum overall height of any permitted load must be at least 6 inches less than any overhead structures on a route granted by the permit

  • Permits may be issued for a non-divisible load with a maximum rear overhang of 15 feet on a trailer that is less than 48 feet and a maximum rear overhang of 10 feet on a 48 ft. or 53 ft. trailer provided they have flags and a rotating amber beacon or strobe light on the rear of the load or flags and a rear escort with such warning devices as may be required by the Department and upon such routes as the Department may require. A maximum of 3 feet front overhang on trailer is allowed.
  • Loads on expandable or pole trailers with more than a 6 foot rear overhang shall be equipped with flags and a rotating amber beacon or strobe light on the rear of the load or flags and a rear escort with such warning devices as may be required by the Department. The maximum overall length shall be 125 feet.
  • Exceptions to this length may be granted only by furnishing a drawing of the proposed load and proposed routing of the contemplated move. Any approval will be based on the necessity of such a move and to what extent it will affect highway traffic.
  • Loads on straight trucks are allowed a maximum of 5 feet rear overhang.

State Permit Fee:

NOTE: The permit fees listed below are from 2004 and have most likely been increased.

Single Trip

Single Trip Permit: $30.00 Excessive Width over 16’: $35.00 Excessive Width over 18’: $40.00 Excessive Width over 20’: $45.00 Excessive Width over 22’: $50.00

  • Permit application may be made by phone (803-737-9752) or on Form No. 2039 provided by the Department furnishing all the necessary information required
  • Each application must be accompanied by the permit fee before it can be issued. The permit fee accompanying any application that is turned down will be returned.
  • Permits may be picked up in person or be sent by mail or FAX. The permittee must advise the Permit Office how they wish the permit be sent.

Multiple Trip

  • Application for a multiple trip permit shall be made on Form MT-01
  • Permits will be issued for 14 feet wide or less, legal height and a maximum gross weight of 90,000 lbs. (40,000 lbs. per tandem on 5 axles)
  • All permits may be secured from the Oversize Permit Office at the South Carolina Department of Transportation, P. O. Box 191, Annex 3, Columbia, South Carolina, 29202. Telephone No. (803)737-9752. The Permit Office maintains hours between 8:00 A. M. and 4:30 P. M. except Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Towing Vehicle:

  • All towing vehicles require dual wheels on the drive axle.
  • Up to 10' wide requires minimum three-quarter-ton rated capacity.
  • 10' to 12' wides require minimum one and one-half-ton rated capacity.
  • Over 12' wides require minimum two and one-half- ton rated capacity.


  • A front escort must be present on all loads or mobile homes which exceed 12 feet in width up to and including 14 feet in width on two lane highways.
  • The Department reserves the right to require a rear escort where it is deemed necessary for safety purposes.
  • A front and rear escort must be present at all times on all loads or mobile homes which exceeds 14 feet in width up to and including 16 feet in width.
  • A rotating amber beacon or strobe light must be displayed on top of all escort vehicles. The escort vehicles must also display a WIDE LOAD or OVERSIZE LOAD sign on the front of the lead escort vehicle and on the rear of the following escort vehicle.
  • A minimum of 3 escorts, two in front and one in rear for ALL moves over 16 feet wide, are required. The foremost escort is to be a reasonable distance ahead of the move to alert oncoming traffic in sufficient time of the impending hazard ahead.
  • There must be radio contact between the escort vehicles and the towing vehicles at all times.


The permittee shall provide signs, front and rear, reading WIDE LOAD or OVERSIZE LOAD with letters 12 inches high and at least 1 1/2 inches wide on all loads and mobile homes 12 feet wide or wider.


  • Red flags must be displayed at each corner of the load or mobile home. Although size is not specified, a minimum of 18" square flags is suggested.
  • The mover must provide sufficient flagmen and/or escort vehicles to warn all approaching traffic during the move.


  • The permittee must provide a rotating amber beacon or strobe light on the rear of the mobile home or load in excess of 12 feet wide up to and including 14 feet wide at a location readily visible to following traffic.
  • The permittee must provide a rotating amber beacon or strobe light on each outer rear corner of all loads or mobile homes over 14 feet wide up to and including 16 feet wide.
  • Turn signals and brake lights in working order must be displayed.
  • For moves taking place in hours of darkness, sufficient lighting must be placed on the transporter and building or load to alert traffic.

Hours of Travel:

  • Travel shall be made between one-half hour after sunrise to one-half hour before sunset Monday through Saturday. NO travel will be allowed on Sunday, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day OR after 12:00 noon before each holiday and before 12:00 noon after each holiday (not including Sunday).
  • Movement is prohibited on Friday and Saturday from Memorial Day through Labor Day over Routes 378, 327, 76, 576, 501 and 9 East of I-95 to and from the Myrtle Beach area and on Route 17 from the North Carolina line to points South of Myrtle Beach and on any other Routes in the Myrtle Beach vicinity.
  • No loads or mobile homes over 12 feet wide up to and including 14 feet box width plus a maximum 12 inches top overhang for mobile homes and 15 feet wide for all other loads are to move over the States highways in and in close proximity of large urban areas between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 A.M. or 3:00 and 6:00 P.M. during school days or 7:00 and 9:00 A.M. or 4:30 and 6:00 P.M. other days.
  • All loads over 15 feet wide and mobile homes over 14 feet box width up to and including 16 feet wide must be moved Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. during school days and 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. other days

Weather Conditions:

No movement shall be allowed during inclement weather such as heavy rain or fog when visibility is restricted to less than 1,000 feet. Movement shall also be prohibited during periods of high winds or when highways are slippery or hazardous due to ice, snow or sleet. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety Transport Police may direct or escort a vehicle off the highway to a place of safety

Miscellaneous Information:

  • A permit will not be issued for the movement of a frame building or load of any width across a bridge unless the width of subject load is 24 inches less than the distance between the guard rails of the bridge or if subject load is loaded such that it will clear the top of the rails by not less than 12 inches.
  • The mover shall be responsible for checking all overhead vertical clearances and shall make all provisions for raising or removal of overhead wires, cables, traffic signals, etc. sufficiently in advance (minimum of 3 working days) of the move to eliminate delays to the highway traffic.
  • On non-Interstate highways, no person shall drive a vehicle which is towing a mobile home at a speed in excess of 45 MPH or a load in excess of 55 MPH.
  • The maximum speed on the Interstate highways of this State for a new mobile home shall be 10 MPH less than posted, not to exceed 55 MPH. All other mobile homes are not to exceed 45 MPH. Loads shall not exceed 55 MPH on the Interstate.
  • The driver shall remove the towing vehicle along with the load or mobile home from the traveled way to allow any closely following traffic (5 vehicles maximum) to pass and proceed.
  • All loads and mobile homes over 14 feet wide up to and including 16 feet wide must travel on four-lane highways. Travel on two-lane highways will be restricted to 12 foot wide or wider lane width where possible.
  • All loads or mobile homes over 14 feet wide up to and including 16 feet wide must be the only vehicle on any bridge that is 18 feet wide or less.

City/County Permits:

None at this time.

Appendix & References

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