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State of the Industry, Business Meeting/Awards Lunch


Assuring the Successful Continuation of Your Business

Leon and Terrance Resnick, Resnick Succession Group

In understandable language, business owners will learn needed tools and strategies in the areas of business succession and wealth preservation and eventual transition of assets (with special focus on their business). Typically the more successful business owners become, they also become more vulnerable. Accordingly, techniques will be discussed showing how to combat those vulnerabilities and assure that the successful business remains just that – successful! Among the areas of focus will be why successful businesses ultimately fail, the importance of coordinating estate plans with succession plans, addressing active vs. inactive children within a family business (does it make sense to leave the business to all the children?), liquidity issues, valuation methodologies that will satisfy the IRS while lowering the tax bill, the proper type of buy-sell agreements that allow for maximum tax savings and most cost efficiency and insurance funding mistakes that often result in millions of dollars in taxes paid that could have been legally avoided and solutions to avoid this scenario. The seminar wraps up by tying in many of the areas of the seminar discussion into a real life compelling family business case study that is sure to strike a chord with everyone in the audience! **Attention will be given to the most recent changes to the federal estate tax and how understanding the reality of this tax can make or break the future of your business!

State of the Modular Home Industry

Tom Hardiman, Executive Director, Modular Home Builders Association

In this session, Tom will discuss and update attendees on all the activities the association has been working on including marketing efforts and results, industry standards under development, state and federal regulatory news, and how COVID has impacted our industry.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) for Single-Family Homes

Anthony Jellen, P.E.

New construction methods and materials are emerging to help satisfy the construction industry’s need to improve the sustainability, economy and productivity of a construction project. Over the years, CLT construction methods have gained traction in the mid-to-high rise U.S. building construction market. In this presentation we will look at how CLT is currently being used as a viable single-family home construction material.

Mr. Anthony Jellen and his family are residents of Mechanicsburg, PA. He currently consults for his company, “Jellen Engineering Services” where he offers a variety of structural and architectural consulting services for both commercial and residential projects. He also works part time for as a structural engineer for Dawood Engineering; assisting with a variety of facilities projects in the industrial, petrochemical, commercial and residential industries. Mr. Jellen was educated at Penn State University. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a residential construction minor as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering and an Associates degree in Industrial Management. Prior to moving to Mechanicsburg, Mr. Jellen spent six years in the U.S. Navy managing the operation and maintenance of an electro-mechanical weapon system. He also spent eight years designing and constructing high-performance luxury homes and has worked with members of the Pennsylvania Housing Research Center (PHRC) on numerous occasions. His experience with the PHRC includes topics in durable and affordable home design, topics in building science as well as modular construction.

Innovation Approaches & Opportunities in Modular Homes

D Sujan, Product Development/Management & Innovation

In this session, MHBA joins hands with D Sujan to discuss approaches to innovation in the building construction industry. Innovation can be a tough endeavor even when business is good but when you have a wrench thrown into the business related to external factors like pandemic, economy, human rights, and environmental issues, innovation often takes a back seat or worse, gets eliminated. This need not be the case. In fact, companies that actually invest in innovation during tough times typically outperform and distance themselves from their competition. We will discuss some of the strategies and tools that are available today to companies who are committed to innovating. D will discuss his experience and insights in the residential building construction market with the intent to be a catalyst for Modular Home Builders to innovate and develop the next generation of homes. We will also conduct a brief ideation session by brainstorming ideas aimed at developing product or technology roadmaps.