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New Building Code Adoptions: Improved Building Safety or Backdoor Unfunded Mandates?

Communication is key when new building codes are adopted. This keeps code adoption consistent across numerous jurisdictions.

How Does Modular Construction Reduce Material Waste?

Modular construction lends itself to better recycling practices. Modular homebuilders can develop best practices for recycling and reusing materials, cutting down on waste.

Modular Means More: Nice Slogan, But What Does That Mean?

"Modular Means More" is much more than just a slogan. It's an important reality in today's construction industry. What exactly do we mean when we say that "Modular Means More"?

Three Ways Modular Construction Can Address the Affordable Housing Shortage

Many states are facing affordable housing shortages. Here are three ways that modular construction can help!

Zero Net Energy Modular Homes in 2020: The Right Time for Requirements?

What will these new requirements mean to the affordability of new homes in 2020? And what impact will they have on the modular construction industry?

Tips to Find the Right Modular Builder for You

Who is the best modular home builder for your project? What questions should you ask before hiring a modular home builder?

Budget Basics for Modular Home Buyers - How Much Home Can I Afford?

Where do you start when drafting a budget for a modular home project? Start with these tips!

What Will My Modular Home Cost?

How much does it cost to build a modular home with everything included?

Step 1 - Finance Planning

What expenses should you prepare for when building a modular home? What funds are available when you're planning on building a modular home?

Why Tiny Houses are NOT Modular Homes…Yet.

Are tiny homes the same thing as modular homes? What is the difference in a tiny home and a modular home?

Latest Design Trends

What are the latest modular design trends? What trends are on the horizon?

What is HERS?

What does HERS mean in the context of modular housing?

What's in a Name - Modular, Manufactured, Prefab, Offsite?

What is the difference between modular homes, manufactured homes, prefab homes, and homes built offsite?

Ways a Modular Home can Save You Money

Are modular homes cheaper than site built homes? Why are modular homes cheaper than site built homes?